I am moving hosts!

Hello it is I, still. You are still reading Marz Today (soon to be "1.0")

In the 10 years of running Marz Today, I feel that I have been in this game long enough to have a sense of direction in terms of blogging. I have decided to move hosts since my previous host has long have killed off some of my old files, 10 years worth of it. Its not backed up unlike my more recent posts (and retrieving them all is futile business, son). Soon I will be bringing new stories on a blank slate.

It took one post from one of my blog heroes, Arriane, who has been honest about falling out of love with blogging to bring me to this decision. I on the other hand found it difficult to maintain because my priorities changed (oh life!). Then the concept of 'conflict of interests' came about after employment. Like, WTF happened to freedom of speech and why do these people bother reading their employees blogs and use it against them if not for the fair treatment of their employees? But I understand that ranting online is not a good practice for an employee. It can lead to unfavorable circumstances though that's not the case with my currently employer, thankfully.

And honestly I had no idea that having a day-job that involves writing can actually bug me down from blogging. This mind-set lead me to find that my voice has been quite narcissistic. Going through my old posts about what I did... where I went... or what my speed result was from playing initial D was in week but I that's absolutely fine if you're running a personal blog with a big following (and if I was still the Marz Ren that hosted podcasts and did radio drama). Although I am all for a change of voice, I doubt it'll be drastically different on the new blog space (Well doi, what else do you write about on a personal blog? WHY SO SERIOUS?)

On a brighter note, I doubt you will feel disoriented about the move as I am making the transition as smoothly as I can. However, I won't be moving my old posts as I think my old host deserves the hits it gets from my old content.

I hope you guys will enjoy a fresh perspective into my life, as I have always hope to bring you in the past 10 years through my blog. I hope to see you all soon at my new space in the interwebs.

Later days and I shall see you there... Soon.

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