Marz Today at Pasyal Sunday

So you must have heard about Marz Today being present at Intramuros Pasyal Sunday. That's great!

You might be wondering what is Marz Today, who's behind the business and basically the 411. Here are some quick facts about Marz Today.

What is Marz Today?
It is a blog. I started blogging in 2004, celebrated my 10th year last September. It wasn't eventful because maintaining a personal blog chronicles my growth as a person (and highschool-grade rants, it's entertaining at the least.) My priorities are often changing so is the direction of the blog. I fell into the hobby pit of making eraser stamps and here you are researching about it :P

Marz who?
Profile is to the left and on the facebook page.

What are you selling?
My life story LOL well because its a personal blog. Although I am quite sure you're here because of my eraser stamps. Pasyal Sunday is my first 'selling' gig.

How long have you been making stamps?
About a year already.

How did you pick up the craft?
Born out of pure interest, I used to collect rubber stamps as a kid and then I grew up. 99% of any physical evidence that prove that I used to collect stamps got purged. I got back to stamping after picking up Chistine Schimdt's book called Print Workshop. Then I enrolled in local craft workshops by Mansy and Alessa, to... you know, see if I was on the right track and not merely missing my fingers when I am carving.

What kind of stamps do you make?
In terms of materials, I use erasers instead of the traditional linoleum rubber sheet.
In terms of design, anything that can be drawn or printed. Portraits, logos, imagination's the limit.

Do you teach?
No but if you have questions feel free to ask

I want to learn how to make stamps, will you teach me?
Yeah, I guess I can in an informal setting. You'll need to haggle with me with time though :/ but I'm definitely up for it.

Is this a serious business?
Not really, its all just casual stamps I'd like to share with everyone. Bring a notebook or paper at the pasyal and stamp away!

Do you take stamp requests?
Yes, however I will be on a break after Pasyal Sunday. For the mean time I will only consider a few request until after my break.

Will you make stamps at the Pasyal?
If the weather and light condition permits. Yes.

I have an eraser can you make me a stamp?

See you at Intramuros Pasyal Sunday on April 19, 2015! It will be from 3 pm to 9 pm feel free to drop by anytime in between :)

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