Gushing over people I fancy

Just recently I had an assignment to cover a certain arts festival. Unbeknownst to me, I would come across three people I would not expect to see in one place.

in a cafe / bar somewhere in Manila... this sounds dodgy bah! Hints after the cut 

Disclaimer: these were not the actual guys I saw at said cafe / bar.

There I was, dead set on seeing the last performance of the evening. It was a from-the-off-beaten-track sort of performance that I sought out to watch for laughs because it had, just that, written all over its title in the festival program. As it turns out I got more than my money's worth when I surveyed the crowd.

As I entered the cafe the first person I saw made my face lit up because ohmgravyohmygravysaucesauce it was my happy crush whom I had first met at the festival's launch and made minuscule-talk with. I say minuscule because we hardly talked. Never got to introductions until he left to perform for an audience the first time we met. I kind of forgot that I was to look for my friend at the same time catch up with the ongoing performance #Late #distracted #crushispresent.
no duh.

After spotting my companion at the far end of the room. I worked my way towards my friend because the place was packed (according to reliable sources the cafe has never been that full before.) Having stumbled a bit over a few members of the audience I finally reached my friend and his companions. For the most part of the performances, I enjoyed myself in the quaint corner at the back of the bar (yoohoo, small person of the audience but please keep the entertainment coming!). I made peace with this fact only because I wanted a moment with my friend to start gushing and point out that said "person-of-interest" is breathing the same air as I am. oh wow, I am such a creep.

I couldn't start gushing until I found us a seat, settled down and catch my breath from laughing- recovering from the last performance. By that time, it was already the intermission for the remaining half of the performances. I was about to tell my buddy that my crush was in the area until I realized the presence of two more folks that really made my night. A.) my long-time crush who is already taken boo me and B.) my new crush, whom I just met earlier (he was also a performer for another show in the festival ).

It was a rather overbearingly pleasant kind of high I was having due to the fact that I was suppressing so much feelings from much earlier in the afternoon when I had watched a performance by yet another favored theater actor. Being the civil little fan girl that I am I have not recovered from the suppressed gushing. I saw four different performances in this day alone, the one at the cafe being the fourth and last. All those lovely people, in a span of 10 hours.
Sadly 'favored theater actor' was not at the cafe / bar. Better that or I'd be confined at a looney bin for rabid fan girls.

To best describe my evening, I was on a high. That, for a change, is not induced by any drug (that I am legally taking so to speak.) They say that good vibrations help people get well or recover. I should do this more often then I might get better faster. :P

Later days.

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