Valentines Day themed eraser stamps

It is once again that holiday that calls for a price surge in flowers that's not All Saints day. I am seeing a trend of practical folks joining the anti-pseudo holiday crowd not because we're bitter or observing singles awareness day but because we feel that showing your love to your special someone shouldn't be limited to a day. On another note I am happy to report that the Philippines is the number 1 country that feels most loved, in a #AllKindsOfLove context, that is.

So, in the spirit of celebrating Saint Valentine's day I've come up with two eraser stamps.

A generic chocolate stamp.
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Because cheesy Filipino pick-up lines are in abundance I ask "are you a chocolate?" I have nothing further to add yeur heneur

And a stamp of a kissing couple inspired by a Luiza Bione illustration that has been making its rounds on Pinterest.
illustration by Luiza Bione

Putting my novice lettering skills into practice for this piece which you will find on the Marz Today facebook page.

Does it look like something out of a Ed Sheeran song?

Happy Valentines day, folks!

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