Type Kita 2

Manila's local type community comes together for Type Kita 2.

See what went down after the cut.

Day 1 installation shot of the typography works from over 40 artists.

There was a lot of excitement for the second Type Kita event. My IG feed was flooding with updates just past midnight before the event. It was bearably mad but then all the best people are (if you're a design fan.)

works by Risa Rodill, Mansy Abesamis, Kris Abrigo, & Patrick Cabral

Works by June Digan. She's the artist behind the Heart School ad for Type Kita. The rest are her watercolors works which were on sale.

works by Pop Junk Love and Papercuts by Ebony Paguia

The two-day exhibit dedicated to appreciating the art of typography and casual learning was everything it promised. Present were select concessionaires offering type-related products both edible and non-edible.

I personally enjoyed the talks they scheduled. Guests were able to ask their typography / lettering questions from their invited panel of type and calligraphy icons. To sum, it was like the comic-con of typography!

Present at the first day were @kayaranzanso who did live chalk-lettering. Followed by a well attended calligraphy hangout with @thefozzybook, @the_md_writes & @theleftieadvantage of La Bella Scruittura.

The first day's activities were concluded by a screen printing session with @hocusmanila. During their session we learned the basics of screen printing. The process requires a lot materials that include stencils, high powered lights... lets just collectively call it 'parental supervision' for the sake of keeping the fun in experiencing it first hand.
Give screen printing a go at one of Hocus Manila's workshops.

On day two, we saw letterers @abbeysy and @ella_lama both fuss about how to get the ball rolling for their session since there were a lot of onlookers eager to see them work #pressure lol. We did see them doodle in action and take us on a visual tour of their practice sheets and notebooks.

Another panel I enjoyed watching was the watercolor letterers session which had @valeriechuaart, Tippy of @googlygooeys and @junedigann. Seeing June's work up close is amazing.
June gave away that piece she was working on to a girl who was celebrating her birthday in October (Whatta give-away!).

Followed by Patrick (@darkgravity) and John Ed (@battery_full) who shared their processes on how they get started on their lettering and their considerations for layout design. It was good having them on board to balance out the field of lettering styles. Lots of tips went around, one that was often repeated was not to be discouraged by ugly handwriting. In fact Patrick says that your own handwriting is a starting point for your font or style.
Fan of each other. Fozzy made a lettering requested from Patrick while Abbey from John.

Judging by this edition's crowd I could say that Type Kita has built, not only a unique following but also created a supportive community and venue for budding letterers and artist.

Some take-aways, observations and over-heard at Type Kita:

  • They can still improve on the space department for all the interested folks watching / listening (wait how do you even?) to the talks. I did miss out a bit on the watercolor session. To the fun-sized me in the audience can you please stand up?
  • If you're too shy or too far to ask a question at any one from the panel of artists, the chances are some one else from the crowd will give you a just as comprehensive answer plus juicy tips like where to get this material or what brand to use.  
  • I overheard some attendees say that they should have submitted their works. Looks like we'll see new artists for the next round of Type Kita. (YES DO THAT PLEASE.)
  • Its nice of the organizers to leave writing tools (Now I am on a hunt to find good brush pens).
  • Overheard: I'm a hoarder (followed by) OMG NOTEBOOKS!
  • Cheezalist Street is the bomb!  
  • Lay a sheet of newspaper when working. Just like most of the tables in the venue that ended up getting bombed like this.

The second edition of Type is also a benefit exhibit with Heart School as their beneficiary.

Plus a video digest of the two-day affair.

See more photos of the event here

Later days!

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