Covering ABHK (Like An Employee)

I was assigned to cover one of, if not, the biggest art fair in Asia. Enter, noob journalist flying in on the earliest flight on a budget airline (thinking, hey I could do this every once in a while.)

It's been a good 7 years since I've last set foot in Hong Kong, albeit first time to commute around the city. With the help of a couple of trusty apps map factor and MTR tourist (for android), Me and Racs S. got around well on our own.
城際列車找到了! (and oh, my Mandarin is back)

After a 30 minute MTR ride to our hotel situated in Causeway Bay. The first thing on our to do list was to find breakfast. It didn't take a visit to OpenRice to find a place to eat, we found ourselves at JP Plaza where there are lots of eating places. Its one of those hip places where the young folks hangout. We had brunch at Odeon, an ok Taiwanese Cafe- no complaints here.

A little later we checked into a swanky boutique hotel called Mira Moon. I particularly enjoyed the interiors of the hotel designed by Marcel Wanders. Some might find it rather tacky that the hotel's design is a spin-off from the Moon Festival design but it's what gives the hotel its charm.
There's a rabbit outside my room. 
The hotel's design takes its inspiration from a Chinese legend about a immortal man and his wife who was giving this elixir that allows her to fly.
One day a hero named Hou-Yi decided to save the world. He shot down nine of the suns, much to the relief of his fellow earthlings, making the Earth a much more pleasant place to live. For his bravery he was awarded with an Elixir of Immortality. Hou-Yi was married to Chang-Er, whom he loved very much. So much so, he decided to give her the Elixir of Immortality so she could live forever. After drinking the Elixir, Chang-Er discovered she could fly! For fun she flew to the moon, but little did she know that she was unable to return to Earth to be with her husband. Dismayed by this turn of events and concerned for her husband, she decided to send her magical companion, the Jade Rabbit, to Earth and keep him company in her absence whilst she remained on the moon as the Moon Goddess of Immortality. The Jade Rabbit and Hou-Yi became good friends and made a home in one of the Causeway Bay towers. They still live there to this day and Chang’Er watches over them safe in the knowledge they are living a carefree, fun existence.
I know the story doesn't say it explicitly but it sounds like a happy story of a husband getting rid of his wife. Sad. I know :(

With the hotel business done, we clocked in for work at the Hong Kong Convention Center to see the Vernissage of ABHK. WOW. JUST WOW. I am seriously overwhelmed by the vast number of artworks in size, type, genre. Two days is not enough to take it all in.


And here's one decent photo which I owe the folks I solicited fashion advice from prior the trip. Because I don't like running around in high heels- at all.
and that's how I wrapped it up in HK over the weekend.

Note: This post was initially drafted shortly after the trip. Intentionally deferred due to unpublished content. You can read more about Art Basel Hong Kong in my published articles in Art+ Magazine issue 33 HO YES MA'AM/SIR! published, (sometimes I like to bask in little victories *happy dance*)

Later days

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