My Hariraya

I've recently finished working on my latest commissioned stamp. I thought I'd share my workflow with you guys since I've been so inspired lately.

Week 1: conceptualization stage
Design drafting

Study execution

Final design execution

 Week 1.5 - Week 2: Repeat (x6)

Woodwork + Finishing

Everything is handmade, this includes the wood blocks too. You're probably imagining a sweaty macho man doing the wood work but let me remind you that it's just me in this one-woman team. Sorry no carpintera photo of me.

From conception to the shipping-ready stage of this project it took roughly 2 weeks to finish all 6 stamps. This has been an interesting piece to work on.

I was excited to work on this since its a timely piece for the upcoming Eid al-Fitr (July 28th). "My Hariraya" directly translates to "My Sacrifice". I found this a meaningful request even though I am not observing the holiday myself, its a great eye-opener for the Islamic holiday.

On the design:
I was hoping I could come up with a typography design close to Islamic calligraphy (rather ambitious on my part) without coming out too cliche. I had to settle with cursive since I was most confident with it. Foreign text is something I should practive. I once worked on a hangul stamp before, realizing I misspelled the entire piece I had to start all over again. I got so frustrated!

I'd like to thank Auntie O. for the new ink pads. So psyched to work on my next piece with these inks.

I'll take you guys back to the workshop until then, Marz Ren's gotta make make make.

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