Hagapigi Begertdegey: A 90's themed Product Launch Party

Last Friday we partied with the fun and creative folks behind the brands Vachuca, Polarities and Forever Ugly. Let me take you into Uvla's expanded space to see the new additions.

The 90's themed party was filled with loads of witty references that catered to the brands' target market. 
To create that 90's feel, they prepared a pabitin a traditional party game where the participants get to pick a prize that dangle above their heads. Traditionally speaking, the pabitin being a kids game, requires the young shortcakes to jump in order to reach for a prize. No jumping incurred at said event. Unless I missed it.

They also had a sari-sari store themed buffet adorned with small wood prints by Polarities (see video below). Small packets of hard to find Sunshine, candies and other unconventional snacks were served. These are the snacks that we, children of the 90's, love to buy at the school's canteen and sari-sari stores. Yes moms, we used to eat all of these without your permission. 

Guests got a first hand look at the new expanded store space of Uvla.

Ambient music from the 90's played throughout the party and there were performances too #LikeAParty

These brands are often seen at 98B's Saturday Future market and Craft fairs at 10a Alabama. Now they're visible at some stores in Cubao Expo.

About the brands
Celebrating it's first anniversary is Polarities. They are known for their witty word play on local brands and cult classic references turned product packaging commodities. They're well known for their wood posters.

Forever Ugly's flagship item are its tote bags that let you flaunt references taken from internet cliques.

We want in on these clubs!

Vachuca is known for its vinyl paper wallets. New designs were unveiled at the party.

You can also find more vintage items from Uvla in its new expanded space. Uvla is home to one of a kind vintage finds and other curiosities. Its main store is at the ground floor, practically hard to miss if you're on your way to see the second floor unless you have poor eyesight (d'oh).

Hagapigi- what?
The name of the party takes its name from "G words" which is pretty much a kind of "secret language". So if I explained it any further it wouldn't a be a secret anymore. But if you managed to decode the event's name before I brought it up you're a true 90's kid.

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Uvla is located in Cubao Expo in between Fred's and Escobar. You may find all of these featured brands at the second floor of Uvla.

PLUS: a video digest of what went down at the party.

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