Wasurenaide Tsuzuku

Its been a good two years since Cass PH has had its last gathering. I won't keep you guys hanging, here's my core-cam report from Cassiopeia Philippine's 11G: 忘れないで...つづく... (Wasurenaide... Tsuzuku...)

As TVXQ! Celebrates their 10th anniversary, we at Cass PH celebrate our 8th year as a fan club. BUT WAAAIT have you seen the merchandise?! You should check out the shirt and canvas bag. I was able to cop one of each for myself mwehehe.

Tohocafe's decor. The posters went on auction with Changmin topping the auction results being sold at PHP 1200 ($27) (where do these children get their moolah?!)

Inspired by Jaejoong's WWW album is the "Jaejoong's Pastry Lab" that doubles as the Tohonight bar.

The bar was decorated with bottles of crazy concoctions like "Kamandag ng Yunhoconda", "Junsu Juice", "Katas ni Changmin", "Yoochun's Aroma", and "Essence of Jaejoong" that 18+ year old guests had a taste of their bias. It also doubled as the Tohonight cocktails menu. Ingenious!

Red velvet cookies with cream cheese. Kids, these were absolutely geeeewwwd.

Custom Toho-cookies and Cassiopeia chocolate pops. Attendees were given the poker chip chocolate as they arrived while the sugar cookies were sold at the Pastry Lab.

Can you guess which member is which? (Look a lone blondie!)

The undying standees. Here's an inside scoop from the "core report". Some of these standees no long stand, being overwhelmed by the love they've received throughout the evening cost some members to lose their spine. Apparently some folks had too much fun with them during Tohonight (I saw everything :P). Hopefully we might see a brand new DB5K standee set to flaunt their post-enlistment poses.

Merch buffet in action. Lots of lovely folks sold rare and original TVXQ / JYJ merchandise, some even donated the items as raffle prizes. Thank you for being so awesome!

It was a loooong day, from the planning, the papercups (months ahead) to the paper butterflies, it was worth it. And that's all this mad hatter has got to say about that.

Photo by Melle B. Papercut art by yours truly.
See more photos of the event here and here.

PLUS: a video digest of 11G-sans Tohonight because what happens in Tohonight, stays in tohonight.

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