Meeting Simone Legno of Toki Doki

FACT: I'm a fan of Simone Legno, the creative genius behind Toki Doki.
The full story after the cut.

You may have seen his designs on bags, make-up, toys or say, my laptop.
The chances of me meeting Simone was like picking up a hundred peso off the street (or so I thought until I actually attended his live art event, which I will get to shortly.) So I had this mental debate on what I could possibly have him sign if I ever meet him. The first thing in mind was my Bearbrick (some old awesome sauce I got from Secret Fresh during Toycon, 3 years ago.) Either that or my laptop which I don't like lugging around. I don't exactly own any Toki Doki merchandise of a respectable size worth signing, so virtually I have nothing for him to sign.  And that was me playing my "hopeless card".

Whatever my odds were at getting Simone to sign anything for me was close to zero but I took my chances anyway. So I pocketed my 100% Toki Doki Bearbrick despite being such a little thing at only 7 cm in height. small is smaall!
This is what my Bearbrick looks like. What I mean by "100%" is the size of a Bearbrick that stands 7cm in height. Bearbrick is a Medicom Toy, which makes designer toys through collaborations with brands and artists. Toki Doki is one of the brands which they have collaborated with.

We (and an officemate) got an invitation to attend Simone's live art event at SMNE. I was over the moon to finally see Simone Legno in the flesh (I'm a bit butthurt over the fact that I didn't catch him during his Graphika Manila talk.) My officemate was thoughtful enough to even get me a signed Toki Doki print which in itself made my head go way over the moon.

Simone does a 'quick' live art piece.

Believe me, I was content with just watching him do live art. That was until I was offered the opportunity to actually meet him backstage after the event. I initially refused because I knew I might not being able to compose myself in front of Simone. I am still not over it as I am typing this GAAAH *fan girl moment* so sorry art werld!
so someone did have their laptop signed (and I was like, face palming 50 times on the inside)

Long story short, we did meet, shook hands (with the hopes that some of his mad skills would rub onto me), did some small talk. What I do remember is introducing myself as part of an art magazine*,  timidly asking him to sign in the exact words "I have this small limited edition piece, sorry it's really small, can you sign it though?" (to which he replied "sure"), and I threw in a few pleasantries like "I was in the audience watching your live art which was great." (when I really mean to say, I like your work A LOT.) and then I died and went to Toki Doki heaven.
Simone Legno, himself
I'd like to think that I was keeping it cool during the brief period that I was around Simone but as soon as I got out of the backstage reality shortly sunk in my consciousness, and I was ecstatic! Seriously though, I need to get my act together or my life as a member of the press will so be dubbed as fan girling at its best -_-' to which I say baaaah!**

At the end of the day I look back at what a big difference small decisions make. Because of that, I have ticked something off my bucket list. Thanks to the folks who made the opportunity possible!
Dude I think the worth of this Bearbrick just shot up 5 times! (BUT NOO, I'm never going to sell this. NEVEEERR!!)

You can check out the larger than life Toki Doki display (that are now autographed) at the SM North Edsa The Block Atrium until May 30, 2014. Toki Doki merchandise are also available at the pop-up shop.

And that, is the story of how I met Simone Legno.

Later Days.

*This does not express the views of my currently employer. (-_-' )
** My fan girl moments can get really bad or awkward. Like that time when I met Alexander of U-Kiss (that was a really bad one) I was flailing like a mad woman by the time I was nowhere in his sight (I was so young then so I think its forgivable?). Lourde De Verya, I tried to shake his hand after making small talk (I don't think he wanted to shake hands though *dies*). Rob Cham, I made things slightly awkward when I told him "I stalk you (online)" but it's OK now (I hope) I've settled this when we recently met again at Komikon- where I calmly reintroduced myself and saved face. Meeting Budjette and Kajo, makers of Trese Komiks where I was fan girling at the sidelines before it was my turn to get my stuff signed. OH BOY, What a fan girl I am!

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