Art in The Park

Some pleasant sights from Art in the Park. See more after the cut

Taking it easy on Sunday, I head on to Jaime Velazquez Park in Makati where Art in the Park was held to see what there is to see at this one day affair.

 Its was one of those hot days in Metro Manila, that makes one wonder how the galleries are keeping up with taking care of the artworks from getting over exposed from heat. This was evident with some print artworks that were getting moist under their plastic covers.

Patrons roamed the park with a cold drink in-hand with the fitting ambient music from classic violin and bonggo players to complete the easy going vibe of the fair. 

Iron cast works by Pete Jimenez, which were among the huge pieces on display sold quickly.

custom Storm Troopers from Secret Fresh
What's an art fair without designer toys? Secret Fresh brought the good stuff on the plate for the toy-savy art patrons.

Works by Raine Sarmiento

Book art
 Art pieces were not limited to sculptures and paints on canvas. Mixed medium and other interesting pieces that don't fall in the category of the stereotypical art forms (what a cliche.) were also on-sale.

art by students

Art in The Park is an affordable art fair where works are sold at a ceiling price of 30,000 php (roughly $700 USD). I overheard some foreign folks talk about the quality of the works on display, for the price they're paying its practically a steal. Which practically goes to show that good art doesn't necessarily mean its going to cost an arm and a leg.

Attending Art in The Park is also a great place to get an idea how far Filipinos have advanced in their practice of contemporary art.

Later Days.

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