Mint Museum Toys of Nostalgia

It's been a good three years since I've been to The Mint Museum of Toys in Singapore. I just thought it would be nice to bring it up since I'm coming up with another post on the Spielzeug Welten Museum in Basel, which is another toy museum.
The Mint Museum of Toys is lodged in an inconspicuous building along Seah Street, Singapore. Beneath it is a bar cafe called Mr. Punch, which I haven't tried, point being, I was just there for the toy museum.
You begin your tour by hopping on this elevator with this quote welcoming you. This takes you to the fourth floor where the tour begins. Then you work your way down through a private collection of vintage toys, bears, dolls, wind-up toys and memorabilia like you've never imagined.

A huge collection of vintage toys from Tintin, Popeye, Betty Boop to name some of those that I recognize.

a box of  Popeye marbles

There's also a collection of rare early Black American toys on display, tin canisters and all.

Felix The Cat
A 1922 edition Felix the cat plush

(L to R)Kewpie, Shirley Temple, Vintage Barbie

Disney classics collection

Kimba, The White Lion
Tin wind-up toys. These cost a fortune!

Space & Sci-fi themed toy collection span from Japanese cult classics, Dr. Who, Star Wars and Star Trek.

Astro Boy

Buck Rogers memorabilia still in mint condition

Memorabilla Collection

Classic game collection: snakes and ladders, Chinese chequers, tops, a kite, jump rope and marbles. How many of you have actually played with these toys growing up?

On the second floor, right above Mr. Punch Cafe

If you ever find yourself in Seah Street in Singapore, you know where to find this little treasure trove of toys.

More info on directions and admission rates: Here

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