LOVE: Not Yet A Musical (The Second Time Around)

Turn your emotional baggage into your personal theatrical experience with Sipat Lawin. Don't worry, you're not obliged to turn yourself into a spectacle, but rather, your participation becomes a key to your experience.
When Sipat Lawin goes punny: Your ticket to the show is a patient tag.
LOVE: Not Yet a Musical is a multimedia interactive play based on crowdsourced material so don't expect a scripted-plot-hits-the-boards approach. The show features interpreted poems and skits performed in site-specific areas, probing audiences to look into their past and future relationships.

You can expect true to life drama material from netizens, designs by Leeroy New and the wonders of Direk JK Aninoche's marriage officiating skills. Several couples including a party of three (I sh*t you not) got wed last night to cap the evening with a happily-ever-after. I can't promise you the same on your run but you just have to experience it for yourself.
Upon entry, audiences are encouraged to write a love letter to someone which Sipat Lawin will send to a random address from those who wrote letters.

I have to say that this is not an easy performance to pull off. The success of each run depends on the actors ability to pull-in audiences to believe and the audiences' willingness to play along. This requires a lot of skill from the actors to get their audiences to warm up to them (which I personally think, they did splendidly with my group).

I'm quite happy that they've leveled out their representation of love (#respect), being sensitive to these little things can make all the difference. Last night's run embraced the audience's input without limiting gender preferences, being taken or single, (and also, sige na nga) being in a "complicated" relationship. Plus their puns of fun! I enjoyed the casts' witty one liners (ad lib or not) that added to last night's charm. Dude, truly psychedelic.
The audience during break time.

It wouldn't be fair for me to rate the play since it all boils down to the audience and how they perceive the play. Personally I found it fun, I even shared a short piece about my crush so basically last night's run was "Marz Rened", full of awesome sauce! (I kid.)  If you're still hesitant about watching, all you really need to enjoy the show is a lot of open mindedness and maybe an extra shirt because it's raining men if you'd like to freshen up after the run.
The rooftop, where most of my personal favorite bits of the play happened.

I would personally recommend my couple friends to bring their belle or beau including even their hopelessly "Ted Mosby(ed)" friend to see LOVE: Not yet a musical. (nouns-turned-verbs is a thing, really.)
On a side note: The pieces from the ongoing Kasama Exhibit in Erehwon are still on display but not everything can be viewed due to the set design of Sipat Lawin. So kill two ipis with one tsinelas and head north to Eherwon!
Sipat Lawin is known for their out-of-the-box theatrics debuting with a local adaptation of Battle Royale (Battalia Royale). Catch their latest offering LOVE: Not yet a musical tonight at 7 PM until next week Feb 21-23. Tickets 500php per person. Recommended for audiences 18 and above.

Later Days.

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