Magnum Milano Sinfully Chic Ice Cream

I would think that the fashion capital of Italy would be strictly conscious with what they eat. I've had second thoughts about it after my experience at this one ice cream store.

We went looking for Gelatos after dinner however I chanced upon a Magnum Pleasure Store (yes, that's what it's called, for real!) before finding the nearest gelateria. You might be thinking why of all things I could possibly try in Italy must it be a Magnum bar? I think you'd be taunted just by the sight of this shop because I sure did.

What's in the concept store?
At the Magnum Pleasure store you get to pick your Magnum bar and customize it, just like you would at a yogurt bar except you're getting it done with a Magnum.

The choices are premium stuff, you need to pay an extra for additional toppings but just the basic custom Magnum bar is quite busy on its own. I had rose petal toppings on my ice cream, how crazy is that?

Aside from that, on display are a few luxurious concept magnum bars.

I also love the interiors. Honestly, the chic look was total jailbait.

Excuse me while I go to Magnum heaven.
Note: this post was drafted during the time of the trip.
Sad to say, this store is now closed but there are other Magnum Pleasure store in other countries apart from Milan.

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