Clet Abraham's Street Art

A peculiar looking traffic sign caught my attention while I was on tour. At first I thought it was just some funny looking sign but then I started seeing more hacked street signs. It turns out that this is actually made by an artist.
Spotted in Paris

Our guide in Florence saw me taking photos of these signs and mentioned that it was a work of "Clet". Here's a little art fun fact: Remixed signs or vandalism is a type of guerilla street art. You may have seen similar works by artist, Banksy from New York. Clet's work can be found all over Europe hence my one photo from Paris. Clet Abraham is a French artist currently based in Florence. When asked what his motivation was for doing street art (taken from Florence Art):
My street sign work stem from a reflection upon our “common visual space”. The omnipresence of street signs, other than being a sign of the [Italian] culture of “anti-responsibility”, can verge on the absurd. The message is very poor (sometimes I feel like I’m being treated like an idiot by them) and yet they have a highly invasive aesthetic. As a professional in the world of visual space, I feel called to intervene, both to notify the public of the absurdity of the situation, and to propose a constructive and respectful alternative. My adhesives are developed to add a further level of reading [to street signs] constructed on the base of their original signification in order to maintain its utility but give it some intellectual, spiritual, or simply amusing interest. The final objective? That traffic keeps flowing without us feeling spoken down to!”
Here are some of his works I found around Florence.

If you ever find yourself looking at funny sign somewhere in Europe, its most likely Clet's work.

See more of Clet's work on his facebook page.

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