Klompen footwear

The iconic Dutch clogs called "Klompen" is hard to miss in The Netherlands. It is still being used today but you won't see city people wearing it unless they're performing a traditional dance or trying to make a fashion statement.

The Klompen is a traditional footwear with a practical purpose- to protect one's feet. Its make is similar to our bakya. It is traditionally handcrafted out of wood (willow or poplar wood) and painted (but not always). Today it is being manufactured by machines. Wood crafters still continue to make them by hand (a skilled maker can come up with 7 pairs maximum a day). When the clogs get worn-out or out-of-style for their tastes they just simply turn it into firewood making it an eco-friendly footwear.
These yellow clogs are called "farmer's clogs"

 Klompen is specific to the Netherlands, other parts of Europe have their own version of the clogs. All sorts of workers wear these kind of footwear because its practical to wear into muddy terrains, strong enough to withstand some chemicals and sharp objects. It come in different styles too such as the pointed clogs which its pointed tips are what the fishermen use to pull-up their nets.

I would have loved to take home a pair but being the first stop of my trip I'd lose on the baggage weight since we were commuting a lot. I'll leave that for when you guys to visit the Netherland to bring home for me. Funny, the shoe sizes are way too big for me.
 In The Hague (In our guest's home. Tee-hee). This one is 4 times bigger than my shoe size.

uhm.. can I get a different size? (Clogs in Madurodam)

I think we all agree that this is too big for me.

 I came across a lot of these big klompens left around in a number of key cities being used as tourist spot markers. I think that was a pretty smart.
In Rotterdam.

 In Delft

This pair is a Delft (porcelain) Klompen. It is twice as heavy as the regular wood version and is used for decorative purposes. I can vouch for its weight. I tried moving it but, dude... Its going to be a work-out if you attempt to wear this for an evening stroll.

Being one of the countries' iconic items you'll find the Klompen reincarnated into different souvenir items such as tableware (toothpick holders), keychains and pen holders to name a few. If you find yourself in the Klompen factory just right out of Amsterdam you are bound to find a fitting size. I am sure you'll feel like Cinderella when you find your pair.

Later days.

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