Marz Today in Switzerland

Hallo. I am now reporting from Switzerland. I've been having a lot of train rides lately. The long hauls are quite a hassle with the luggage-over-your-head thing on the train (I might never grow any taller hu hu hu) but the experience is quite enjoyable. It simply amazes me how the Europeans can manage to travel with their luggage by train.
Top to bottom: Luzern at night, Gare du Lyon station (Paris), Spielzeug Welten Toy Museum. Left: Basler Münster
My general function in this trip is getting more and more complicated: navigator-translator but dude, I never took up German (0_o). Thankfully the folks around my area speak good English. I'll get by.

Tomorrow we'll be working on the "heart" of this trip. While we get things taken care of you can look forward to yet again, more stories on: Train rides, The Spielzeug Welten Museum in Basel (The most enjoyable toy museum in the world I have seen by far), Basler Münster and a sneak peek into Luzern... and some lovable animals along this trip, oh so many I want to hug a cow!

At the moment I am quite fascinated by the swans in front of our hotel. They look a lot like Miley Cyrus at the MTV awards when fishing food from the lake. Oh yes I saw her on the telly.

Initially I had no interest in Switzerland but after realizing the significance of this place its like love at first sight. I thought seeing a medieval or as I call it "Ye-oldie" town was kind of tacky but it turns out that it's a place with its own charm. Making Paris feels like a busy city, it did get rainy and the weather was pretty gloomy which the locals call "real Parisian weather". I think we can slow down a bit here and until things really get done.

We will be off to St. Gallen tomorrow. May the force be with us!

I know I promised stories from Den Haag up until Paris but that'll have to wait till a little after the whole trip or as soon as I find time to sit down and tell you all of my stories :)

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