Marz today in Paris

Warms greetings from the city of lights.

Upon arrival my poor French has already been put to use. I am happy to report that I was able to find the toilets however things got a little bit weird at the station when the security slowly poured in after a curious gray bag which no one would claim was left at the station. Talk about bomb threat SOP. I didn't hear anything about that so I would like to think that it's just the security over reacting or rather just doing their job.

Coming up will be stories about dinner at Champs Elysse. I had escargot and it is mighty fine when dining at a French restaurant (which I find quite fancy), our small yet lovely hotel, the metro in Paris (and an a handy android app you can use), that and more later.

Paris has been simply delightful. I am getting an eyeful left and right such as they say you got to get used to the beauty of this city and of course the people too. Things are quite surreal on my end of the world I just crossed out a country, never in my dreams would I have even imagined to visit.

Later days

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