Brown Eyed Girls Black Box

Have you seen Brown Eyed Girl's Kill Bill music video? Its their second release from their album Black Box following the very catchy single Recipe.

BEG goes for the kill in a mini-movie music video parody of the film of the same name. Its steam-punk sexy concept for the dance though not new, the image suits them well nonetheless. The best part here is its comedic approach to the well-meaning song (about sweet vengeance, dedicated to an ex-lover who fooled a lot of girls) so not to hard-sell on the sexy image, but they're selling it alright!

Who are these Brown Eyed Girls? 
These are the lovely ladies who first made popular PSY's Gentleman dance steps in their song Abracadabra in 2010. see it to believe it. They were already making pretty good music earlier but their Abracadabra single was their breakthrough hit. I didn't quite understand at first why they were getting all the attention when they released Abracadabra until I saw the music video. Sex sells, doesn't matter what part of the world, bub.

On a lighter note, I stumbled upon a local-Brown-Eyed-Girl fan effort. I came across these handmade felt-dolls of the girls. Simply adorable!

According to the admins from Forever Cresendo the first set of these dolls were actually send to Brown Eye Girls.
photos from Forever Cresendo.

They've got more Brown Eyed Girls fan merchandise, check out their facebook page here.

Hear of any local fan efforts going about town? Let me know about them.

Later Days.

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