A day for paper flowers

Once upon a time in the office, I had time and paper-for-recycling at hand so I turned them into paper flowers. We are having a change-in-management / transition phase in the office. I find myself with pockets of spare time every now and then allowing me to make small nothings for the nice folks who taught me the ropes in the workplace.

For someone who needed some cheering up

For someone who requested for a bouquet of roses. (more here)
Oh look! My permanent marker is in this picture. Whoever borrowed it please return it! (and this became the main point of this post. end. just kidding.)

And a daisy to brighten someone's day.
and that's it. Had I been making any more of those and you'd be wondering what it is I do for a living. Don't worry, new boss, productive employee right here meeheeeheh.

Transition phases are a bit tedious at the least. Thankfully we've got a team who is working at keeping things together while we get acquainted with the new and not-so-new animals in the zoo.

and I go back to where the wild things are tomorrow.

Later days.

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