When Ama Quiambao won the best actress award

Folks on my FB network are probably wondering why Ama Quiambao's win in Cinemalaya seem like its such a big deal. For starters it is a big deal for her [sic] because it is her first best actress award. And if you're like me who is not familiar with veteran Filipino actors, with a "I've-seen-you-in-a-movie-before-but-I-can't-remember-your-name" tendency then let me introduce you to her.

Ama Quiambao 101
Ama Quiambao first appeared in Himala (1982) with a minor role along with Nora Aunor. She's in the 1:20-1:23 mark. You may have also recently seen her on TV in Budoy as a lawyer (Atty. Javier). If you're a 90s kid She often stands out in your memory for playing the "lola" role  you might have even seen her on soaps on ABS-CBN because I honestly remember seeing her in Pangako Sayo (ya know, that drama that made Amor Powers and Madam Claudia a household name) and GMA for Pepito Manoloto more recently.

Why the win is a big deal
Now I am not claiming to be the authority to write her biography although, I could if she paid me (and if she ever reads this, I am only saying it because I'd love to give my piece if anybody cares to ask). Not to spoil the mysterious air but during those time between her silver screen projects she has been teaching students the discipline of theater and acting. Hence a number of her students are touched that she included them in her Thank you speech at the Cinemalaya awards night.

Why it matters to me
I was enrolled in two of her classes. To answer "How is she like as a professor?", She is one of those professors who you never really know if you are pleasing but you're calling out to all the saints just to pass her subject, or at least that's what I was doing.

She introduced me to Virgin Lab Festival which I now avidly follow. Me and Jerome P. were lucky to spend last year's festival with her. I was actually surprised to find out that she is part of the cast of one of this year's entry "Pamanhikan". However there was a sad twist of events during the matinee show of this year VLF, she collapsed halfway through the play due to a heart attack. Thankfully she is stable now although still unconscious. I highly doubt I'd get to see her on the boards this season, and how I really wish I could in this lifetime.

On July 14, 2013 (Sunday) at screening times 5PM and 8PM, Singkuwento International is hosting a film screening of five short films, winners of local and international film festivals for the benefit of Ama Quiambao. The proceeds of this event will go to her medical expenses. RSVP to the event here

Note: this post was originally drafted on July 30, 2012 a day after Ama Quiambao won best actress for her film Diablo. It was her entry to the 2012 Cinemalaya Awards.

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