The Monthly Rundown: May in a glance

Here are back stories in May for your entertainment.

iHop in Manila.
iHop was all the rave a month earlier when they opened in BGC. We celebrated Alvin C.'s breakfast dinner party there. Its not everyday that you get to spend an evening breakfast with handful of cool folks which makes the dining experience noteworthy. iHop in Manila is nothing like the iHop in the states so you're not missing out, honey. Not that I am complaining but I am just not impressed after all the hype it got. I'll be at Pancake House thank you very much. 

Die auto-immune disease, die!
Vasculitis strikes my system once again. I have been on medication for about a month or so because of an inflammation slightly far away from my foot (thank, God). It's under control from what I know but the meds are getting to my head. I get awful mood swings from happy to completely down for no good reason. My weirdness is ok at some level but this is a notch off from the usual amount of weirdness I can take for my own good.

Anti-Homophobe day
None of us got the memo about what we were celebrating but we joined the happy holiday that is Anti-homophobe day in Sweet-X on the 17th of May. Simultaneously there was a BBQ party going on with local bands playing. Art A. was in the area and was nice enough to tell us all about it. Mycka B. was so full of energy that evening that she auditioned for Sa Wakas in front of Art on the spot. Oblivious to her, members of Sandwich and The Diegos were just at the table next to us probably getting a good laugh just as we were. Face-palm-worthy as it sounds lots of laughs went around that night. Talk about crazy sauce.

First by-line for MultiSport Philippines
after more than 200 days at work I finally got my first by-line for one of the magazines we publish. It feels good to finally be able to cross out an item on my bucket list.

MultiSport 101 Camps
Swim, bike, run- the complete works. This was the first project I handled and we're having it again. I'm looking forward to the next legs of the camps. The next one will be a biking camp, I haven't handled any bike legs of the camp last year so this should be interesting. By the way, I chanced upon our photobooth supplier Fotohute Photobooth. Their prints are of great quality. Check them out if you guys are in need of a photobooth from the Makati Area, Fotochute Photobooth
Want to attend MultiSport 101 Camp? Visit MultiSport's facebook page.

Making crafts
I had a great deal of paper cutting this month. One for mum's birthday, another for mothers day and one for a contest. I also took it upon myself to try rubber cutting which turned out, ok, I suppose.

On other news
I was at a wake sometime this month and what odd chances are that I get to meet the president of Willie Revillame's fan club. No photos of this chance meeting. Walang jacket, five thousand pesos at CD. :(

I am hopeful that the action keeps on coming in June, stay busy folks! ;)

Later days

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