Recycled Paper Wallets

With much ado with down-sizing and mindful living, I've decided to change my wallet. I don't want to be like poor old George here.
The Constanza Wallet

My answer to that is to use recycled-paper wallets. Here is what I've come up with.
Four wallets in one sitting. I wish I had wads of cash to fill em all up.

I used craft paper for the brown washi taped wallets. Theses are more sturdy but it needs flattening between heavy books.
Making washi tape do its wonders on craft paper.  

My new wallet is the open one on the bottom. I ripped off some pages from an unused 2010 Starbucks planner. I can now switch from using leather wallets that take up most of my bag space. *screams for freedom*.

My only dilemma now is that I have a lot of cards, coins and calling cards I need to keep handy but I guess that gives me a reason to use one of the many coin purses lying around my room.  改善!

Making your own paper wallet is super quick and easy. Watch the tutorial I followed. There are other paper wallet hacks that can hold more cards or cash (for those who are loaded. buy me a sandwich bub!)

This change is inspired by:

Mighty Wallet

And Muni PH's advocacy for mindful living. Find out ways on how you can greenify your life.

Later days :)

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