Party lists you wished were real at the 2013 Elections

I am #ElectrifiedforMay13 and this are some things you need to know before you vote for a party list on the 2013 Philippine elections.

You can only vote for ONE (1) party list. Make it count.

Of the 123 official party lists on the voting sheet there were 24 disqualified parties that were reconsidered because of the adjustments in perimeters the Supreme Court made. This allows them to appeal to the Supreme Court, if and when they win. Because of these changes some unqualified party lists were left on the ballot sheet that we will be using on the May 13, 2013 elections.

There are 11 spoiled votes printed on the ballot. This means if you vote for any of these guys the vote won't be counted.

33. Cocofed
44. Binhi
68. Atong Paglaum
75. Bantay
78. A-IPRA
105. AG
110. SMART
112. ANAS
115. KAP

In theory (and by technicality) your ballot sheet would look like this.

As to why these party lists got disqualified, it could be for a number of reasons. Get creative. Maybe SMART, didn't surpass the 130 IQ mark and Bantay is actually a party of dogs. What? No one passed me the memo. You'd be surprised by how many party lists didn't qualify before the Supreme Court acted dainty and nice.
Party lists are made to represent a marginalized sector of our country. They have the same powers to that of a congressman.
On the flip side.
I leave you with some party lists you wished were real and others, thankfully not.

Alak Pa Party list
dahil liquior ban daw

Jun Sabayton's B.A.Y.A.W Coalition

RA Rivera's Friendzone Party List

Willie Reviliame's A Jacket


Don't overlook the party lists and vote wisely!

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