Throwback Players for the Frustrated Consumer

Below are some cool contenders for any music enthusiasts, junkie or whatever you want to be called on your Rolling Stone cover story. Here is another one of those frustrated consumer tendencies that often leads to not buying anything because I am a frustrated consumer.

The Contenders

Photo from Muji

MUJI Wall-mounted CD Player
Naoto Fukusawa's minimalist design was first released in 1999 so this CD player owns up to a vintage feel. This is one of the old merchandise available in the store, albeit unavailable at some branches already. This wall mounted player can also be mounted on an iMac stand (thank goodness, but no thanks). Definitely a conversation piece being hard to resist the "turn-table-on-the-wall" at first glance.
Photo from Muji

Price: 11,500 and on sale in US branches for $99.50 (₱4,000) nowthat'sasteal!
Pros: its minimalist design adds aesthetic value to any room, has a radio and remote control.
Cons: Speaker quality is comparable to those portable speakers you can get cheaply. It is practically just a regular CD player with speakers in an expensive packaging. And no one wants to forcibly screw their wall, both in the literal and metaphorical sense.
Available at: Muji

Crosley portable turntables 
Relive the hey-days your mum and pop's vinyl era! This gorgeous looking vinyl player is... gorgeous. I wouldn't say the same for the playback quality on old records though. Looks can be deceiving, unless the records I own are just too darn dirty.
Price: 6,900 - 11,100
Pros: a musical time machine and 1000+ cool points.
Cons: how many vinyl records do you possibly own to make this purchase worth it? These new turn tables are infamous for actually destroying your records, although I don't have an idea of how much damage these players can do. I don't think I can handle breaking a record.
Available at: Heima

and then there is this
Portable Vinyl Player
That's a cool record! (No one lives twice - 007 Theme song). All I know about this one is that it's made in Japan - or it was shipped from Japan. This, by far is the only portable vinyl player with a positive review.
Pro: Really portable.
Cons: Price, make & brand - unknown

Crosley Troubadour
This bad boy takes home the multi-function player award. Its a Vinyl, CD, cassette player and AM and FM radio with the feature to digitize your music via SD card or USB. Now I'll subscribe to that!
Price: $173.31 (₱ 6,932)
Pros: What part of all-in-one did you not get?
Cons: Its a Crosley. Honestly I am still scared from the initial reviews I've seen of Crosley players.
Available at: Amazon

I am leaning towards paying a visit to the thrift store and find an old player that works while I try to look for my dad's portable vinyl player. Got any interesting music players? Would love to see or read about it. So while I am reflecting on which player I can get the most bang outta the buck for, I'll be busy figuring out how to make a mixtape.

Later days.

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