Repurposing & Upcylcing Projects

I am getting hands-on on old stuff around my room. In this post I will explain what repurposing and upcycling is.
Repurposing - v. Eng. the act of creating a new use for an item which served a different purpose. Ex. I repurposed my mug into a pencil holder. I am a genius. 
Upcycling - v. Eng. 1. recycling or recreating with the use of any finished product or object into something new. 2. to recycle into something else. Ex. I turned my Grandaddy's vinyl record into a bookend. (Photo below.)
These are my own definitions of the word so be scholarly and do the right thing and include a "(Marz R., 2013)" if you're going to copy paste, chum.

Last week: Bookend Weekend
After doing the household chores I turned my 12'' record into a bookend, a really big one at that, out of frustration because I am getting impatient waiting until I find dad's old portable record player. hur hurr...
Not exactly an original idea but I've been itching to do this project for awhile now. This is not my grandaddy's vinyl record by the way, so no sentimental-granddy-feelings were broke in the making of this book end.

Last February and ongoing...
 I am currently working on a stamp set but due to lack of good corks (these are corks that didn't break upon opening with a cork screw) this project is still ongoing. I am accepting wine cork donations for this project and another one I had in mind which will take a good number of corks and wine drinking (if that has to be done).
L to R: bad cork and good cork.

Random fact, I used to collect rubber stamps as a child. I threw em all out during one spring cleaning and now I am slowly rebuild my collection. I am also looking for metal stamps.

I attended a Hey Kessy paper cutting workshop and made a coaster.
more on the Hey Kessy paper cutting workshop this week.

Anyone out there into handmade stuff and repurposing? Let me know what you guys are making.

Later Days.

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