The Weekend Rundown

Ok so I keep raving about how busy this weekend was and it was fun and all but before we get down to the story telling business. I need to do a rundown of what exactly happened to remember why this weekend was so awesome.

Met Alessa of LifeAfterBreakfast at the office... and I totally flailed in front of her *face palm in progress* then I found out that Caramel C. (my college senior, now officemate) is actually also a fan of her blog and is a friend of another awesome craft blog / washi tape shop owner of HeyKessy. Small world.

I was announced a regular employee... HOLEY MOLEY that's one out of this year's bucket list! Did it like an employee *high fives self on behalf of Poppa G*

I was asked to be a resource person for a thesis. Wow, I am actually a reliable source for academic purposes. Why didn't I include this in my resume?

The F word - Community blog reader meet up of +Arriane Serafico's wanderrgirl blog. (P.S. WOW that link actually automatically came out like you would on facebook or twitter. I love you Google+)

Pinoy Trending @ SPUQC - I got to see great OPM acts to the likes of Sandwich, Urbandub, Franco and a lot of indie bands I am no so familiar with... to make up for not seeing 2PM that same evening (crey crey, I die). But hey, I am patriotic like that  omg, Taecyon Y U SO HOT ON FANCAM?! *gets shot*

Sunday Mass... like a Jesusian (don't judge, that's what it says on my baptismal certificate)
and last but not least
Calligraphy & Creative Life Planning workshop with Alessa & PJ. I even bumped into a student they had from the previous day at the craft store. The Philippines is small... SO SO SMALL but not small enough to take a cab to Sabah. Geebuzz, why didn't we reclaim the land bridge there instead of Manila Bay? :/

... and you know after all that awesomeness that has happened over the weekend. More awesomeness is coming soon for Marz Today. Everything is still a work in progress which I will be sharing with everyone on a later post. Until then.

Later Days!

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