The F Word

In commemoration of J.Law's fall at the Oscars, I present...
Just kidding... but she did say it tho (refer to 2:38 mark of the video)

Back story: I came to know of +Arriane Serafico's wanderrgirl in 2010. Initially I stumbled on a post about a trip to Korea or getting a tweet from Nick Khun of 2PM but what really got me was her post on how she survived living independently.

What is "The F word"?
It's not that word J.Law said at the Oscars The F word stands for several things:
Females - In celebration of Women's month
Fear - and the courage to get over it
Failure - and the resilience to pull through
Fulfillment and Fun!
This is my take on the "F" words for this event and as well as my own.

Facing fear.
When I got an invite to the meet-up, I thought this would be a great opportunity to shake off my shy bones and see what sorcery was going down. I didn't know what to expect which made it all the more exciting and albeit scary too. I got lost on the way to co.lab but thank God for patient taxi drivers who are nice to their passengers.

Getting started
When I found co.lab (Cool office- I testify) I got settled in and we each answered the question on our name tags.
But I am crazy on a regular basis and it doesn't follow that crazy people are not shy. 
We had a little sharing on this but I only shared my answer with my "neighbors" and "mat-mates" so I am sharing my answer to you all now because I was hesitant to pull-off a "I am-Katniss-Everdeen-I-volunteer".  

Vicky (code name Foxx) with the cool hair color filling out the attendance sheet #likeanattendee

The new found pool of awesome folks.
I found a cool niche of people who are bloggers, creatives and entrepreneurs. These ladies aren't just entrepreneurs, you have to hear or read about their vision for their products. Click their respective photos to know what they do. I didn't get to take a picture of each and everyone so I am playing this by memory.


That being said, that's just some of the awesome folks I met. Introducing my 'mat-mates' and neighbors. We were having a picnic of the sorts inside co.lab. How cute is that?
Arielle, Anne and Rissa (who's a UP varsity fencer and has hooked me up to an intro fencing class.WIN!)
 Ria- one of those who shared their answer on their name tags.

I wish I had photos of everyone I got to talk to, apparently a good conversation leaves a better impression than a photo. We had this speed dating sort of interaction with almost everyone. It's like a Wanderrgirl version of Spongebob's discussion cards from his Plan-your-own-party kit.

The Freebies
At the end of the event, each of us got to bring home a goodie bag with a little something-something from each entrepreneur. What really takes home the cookie is that these are mostly brands I already support and believe in.
Early birds got a signature scent from BC fragrances

Artworks by Works of Heart and Abbey Sy

Punchdrunk Panda discount and web hosting + domain prepaid card c/o which I am already using.

and to give you a better idea of the event check out the video:

With that, I end with my F word:
w/ Arriane S. of (Dahil fans day talaga to CHOS!)
Later days!

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