Sa Wakas, an OPM musical

A new addition to the line up of theater plays that is unlike the usual musicals we've had for this year. Sa Wakas will brings us a fresh OPM theatrical experience.

"Its the first musical we're staging" according to writer-director Andrei Pamintuan. Andrei has directed notable plays such as Stages of Love and Spring Awakening. Sa Wakas, being Andre's and Marianne Abuan's (co-writer) first shot at a musical. It would also be a first for an OPM band's works to be adopted into a stage play.

Fred Lo as Topper

Justine Peña as Gabbi

Caisa Borromeo as Lexi

Kyla Rivera as Gabbi

Laura Cabochan as Lexi

Victor Robinson as Topper

The play

A bittersweet love story that chronicles the end of one relationship and the beginning of another, Sa Wakas raises the timeless question of why relationships fall apart. Thematically, it also explores the concept of how the choices we make in life define who we are as a person. 

- Sa Wakas (2013)

Victor Robinson (PETA’s Si Juan Tamad, Ang Dyablo at Ang Limang Milyong Boto)

At the press event held in Route 196, the reception of Ebe Dancel, Sugarfree's lead vocalist, came in the form of a MRT-tight standing room-only crowd. Anyone there would feel the warm reception for the songs that will bring color to Sa Wakas as performed by the cast and Ebe himself.

 The cast of Sa Wakas

(L to R) Cassie Manalastas, Fred Lo, and Mikou David... (and oh, there's Ebe Dancel in the back)

I personally recommend seeing Sa Wakas. Its going to be a unique way to:
a.) appreciate OPM.
b.) (re)discover the songs of Sugarfree.
c.) Commemorate Post-white day / black celebrations (kung bitter ka)
d.) all of the above

Watch Sa Wakas at the Peta Phinma Theater on these dates April 13, 14, 19, 20, 21, 26, 27, 28. Tickets are available at 1,000 (orchestra - reserved seating), 800 (gold - reserved seating), and 500 (silver - free seating) at PETA and Ticketnet.

See more videos on their official website:

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