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As part of my personal training to rid off awkward bones from my system. I decided to join workshops that sparks my interest.  I begin with my affinity to paper so I joined CraftMNL's Love Bound, a book binding workshop -SLASH- A post-valentines jig.

Here are materials you'll need... And with Blogging Magic, 
here are the finished products...

I learned how to *insert binding skill from choices below*.

  • Coptic bind
Coptic - Adv. Root word: Copts. A Christian Egyptian. This kind of binding is used to bind papyrus paper (that's right folks, papyrus from the time of Moses and Cleopatra, we're old school like that). Originally the covers are made out of thin slabs of wood to keep the papyrus flat. This type of binding can withstand being folded 360 degrees without breaking apart. 
Mine is the orange one below. It's not perfect but hey it came out pretty ok for a first try. And this is what it looks like from the inside.
  • Perfect bind
Perfect - adj. Perfect kind of binding for perfect people chos! Often seen on memo pads near telephones, and the patiklas-naman-sa-notebook-ng-papel kind of notebook or in-short, grade school pad paper.
We used paper clamps, laundy pins and foam boards to clamp down the pages. I must admit, I've never thought of down-scaling. I assumed that I would need a book press like this to do the perfect bind (I was thinking of how to hard bound a book but let's leave that for the machines for now.) 
  • Japanese stab
Japanese - N. a person from Japan; Stab - V. a samurai's finishing move in a duel. This kind of book binding requires a lot of stabbing. I was thisclose to earning a certificate in stabbing like ninja. Now we can ask someone to produce a film titled "How to train your Ninja... with Stabbing".

and this is what it looks like from the inside:
Looks like a Muji notebook huh? I also learned the difference of an awl and an ice pick is.

And of course what's a class without a class picture? Love Bound ~ Batch of Feb 2013
That's Nikki, our book binding master, at the right. She also owns Junk Studio. You might recognize her calling card from this post.

We even got a handmade screen printed tote bag from CraftMNL. Made by Jan and Nikki a few days earlier, how thoughtful.
Handcrafting... is your destiny.

So there we have it, Marz Ren knows how to book bind now I will conquer the world. I take a lot of inspiration for blank notebooks such as my favorites namely: Alunsina, Muji and Zequenz 360 (which I've never owned get me one for my birthday perhaps?) I may still buy these notebooks but  from the look of these outputs I don't think that's gonna happen any time soon.

Check out other workshops from CraftMNL here I heard they're having a craft beer workshop too. HO HO HO.

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