Gone a bout fencing

Here's one off my bucket list (sort of) I joined an intro class to fencing.

I find myself walking down a road less traveled within the compound of the Ultra Stadium to the Fencing Hall. Finding the place is like discovering Narnia in your closet.

I got introduced to the three type of fencing épée, foil, and saber, the proper stance, and some misconceptions on the sport got myth-busted. Dude, you so can not kill a bad guy with a metal rod by poking each other. Where does Hollywood get all this sorcery?!

Its basically a safe sport, so safe that even seniors 70-90++ year olds can still play and compete, true story.

As it turns out this is the home of the Philippine Fencing Association. Most of the folks who play here are 90% students (from UAAP schools) and 9.9% recreational fencers - 0.1% would be me, the frustrated fencing fan girl.

We got to try the basic stance we learned by having a bout (a duel).
Having a bout neither of the two is me haha

Folks from When in Manila were there too.

Intro to fencing = WIN!

Interested to sign up for a class? Sir Peter of Vicious Brainiac Fencing can hook you up on a good deal + equipment here at the Ultra Sports Complex.

 This is a hobby I am really raving about although I am not quite ready to invest in equipment (maybe in the future) basic equipment plays around 7K for women and 6K for men. For now I'll stick to practicing drills without the equipment at least that's one step towards the dream.

Later Days!

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