Calligraphy and Creative Life Planning workshop

I am on streak of creative workshops here. I signed up for Lifeafterbreakfast's Calligraphy and Creative Life Planning workshop by PJ and Alessa.

We started with an icebreaker activity by PJ which requires us to write about things we like and aspire to do in two years time (planning nga naman). The fun part was when we got to the calligraphy part of the workshop and oh boy, it wasn't as difficult as I imagined it to be, only a lot more.

They also brought some snacks from Pino and Pipino.

Going home inspired, I immediately visited Deovir to buy black ink and check out their available calligraphy nibs. As I was looking at their catalog a lady stood next to me and asked to have a look at the catalog. It turns out that she also attended Alessa's class the previous day. What a small world! (Hello Sabah and Spratleys we need you again).
Alessa & PJ's 7th batch of Calligraphy & Creative Life Planning workshop

Now I am set on practicing this art.

I am looking forward to my next workshop. I'd love to hear what activities or workshop you guys are getting into these days. I am actually signed up for an intro class to fencing which I am really looking forward to on the 16th. Want to come with?

On the side note:
I recently discovered that Fully Booked BGC carries legit Asian Pop records under the "previously owned" section right before the Vinyl records and DVDs. These are mostly imports from Japan, although it is pre-owned and in good condition (probably just played once or opened but never played) they're priced as if it were brand new.

Later days.

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