A Happy Ending

Today is ho-hum a long day but, a great cookie day! I've been looking forward to this since last week when I placed my order.

Thanks Cookie Bar Manila! I had a great anti-thesis of a cake-day.

Thanks also to SpeedyRegalo for the smooth transaction and bringing the goods on time.
Really? "Marie Aglipay", glad made it past security or I wouldn't be getting any. 

Cookie Bar Manila delivers their cookies and cakes right to your doorstep through SpeedRegalo.com.ph. Just make to sure to order two days in advance and consider paying an additional fee (apart from your order that is) for delivery charges. And so marked the days when I will ask for my friends addresses.

Later cakes!


Jonette said...

Oh my goodness. Good for you! Those cookies are utterly soft. I can still remember my teeth sinking effortlessly into them like it was yesterday. Yay for rewards! :D

Marz Ren said...

@Jonette: I know right! Defenitely worth the wait :D *throws a cookie party*