#VDAYSUCKS but it shouldn't and it won't this year

Reports are in: Shoppers are flocking Dangwa for flowers; In malls shoppers are going all out on edible flowers from Sweet Blooms and the motel repairs in Santa Mesa finished on time and is ready for full occupancy. Today it is Valentines Day, make your God happy and remember the Saint!

The street-wise Filipinos call it Pasko ng mga puso which directly translates to "Christmas of the Hearts". It is that time of the year where this commercialized frenzy calls for a fresh gimmick for couples or a diversion for a person celebrating Single Awareness day but if you're neither and employed its payday Thursday! Hooray!

Here's your a activity guide to un-sucky-fy the #VDAYSUCKS notion.

Dating for chumps 101

Its a bad idea to watch a movie on your first date because you don't really talk and get to know your date. You can rest your case if your date is easy to please and "Plan a" is to take your date out to a movie. May I suggest that you see Warm Bodies together? Perhaps your date can take a hint as to why you're not good with connecting with people.
 Just a friendly remember though leave the kissing business to the folks on-screen otherwise get a room. I saw this film and enjoyed it to bits! Kaydon'tjudgemeuntilyou'veseenityourself I personally think that Warm Bodies might just be cut out to give audiences an "Edward-Scissorhand-feel" film in this generation of Zombies.

For the artsy-fartsy valentine

LifeAfterBreakfast's Alessa, Mansy of mansillianasunday and Isa of isabelsilva will teach you the next best thing you can do with craft knifes that won't hurt your wrists. Unless you have poor hand and eye coordination.
Check out the sample stamps Alessa made on her blog. This is one of the many other craft activities in the Valentines Day arts and crafts fair at LRI Plaza, Makati. The fair will be on going from Feb 14-16, 2013 (Thursday - Saturday). Find out more on their facebook page.

For the adventurous Friendzoned / Bitter / Solo flighters

Sipat Lawin's Vday offering LOVENot SAWI EDITION: ShutangInaBeks Eyeball is pretty much self explanatory.  Here's a fun way to get free passes to the event: Take their CRY-OLA Challenge. All you have to do is to take a video of yourself crying for 15secs and say "ShutangInaBeks". A couple of interesting entries have already been submitted. If you get stumped on how to get the tears rolling I got an expert tip from the experts themselves.

Fret not because it's Valentines day, their tickets are on a sale promo today only! Take advantage of Valentines Day promo.

Give it your best tweet #VDAYSUCKS

I gotta hand it to the folks behind @TrueBloodHBO and their twitter promotions. I am all out for looking for the best and the worst tweets with this hash tag.

For the holed up minor who is not yet allowed to go out on a date or the "may-date-kuno-pero-cray-cray-lang-sa-kwarto"

Write something and take the wanderrgirl challenge (boys can do this too!). Inspire yourself to get into blogging like Arriane of wanderrgirl.
Blog about what YOU are grateful, excited, inspired, challenged, amazed and curious about -Arriane S.
Photo by Arriane S. of wanderrgirl.com

CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! With that I wish that your #VDAYdoesnotSUCK Your day is what you make it ;)

 Later days!

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