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I am currently working closely with the folks from the Philippine Diabetic Athletes, lining up TV and radio guestings plus everything else you need when putting together a seminar. Even if there are some rough patches I finally nailed it on most parts. I'mma give Poppa G and Dad a high five for all this awesome sauce.


I signed up for CraftMNL's Love Bound book binding class. It's a first, I've always been a fan of book binding but never equipped with the right tools. Here's one for the books- Literally


I also met up with Elora P. she's from a lower batch. I offered to share tips on resume writing. I am not claiming that I am the expert of resume writing but after chatting with her over milk tea gave me a much needed boost in morale in pursuing the things you want in life without loosing yourself. "Character matters in the workplace" after all.


I am nearing the end of my probation period at work. Only my evaluation forms knows if I will be a regularized employee. As most companies have a probation of 6 months before regularization this month and the next marks my final thrust to make a winning move to possible regularization.


During today's acupuncture session with Tito Ed. I noticed a camera with a big view finder on his desk. I am amazed by how easily amused I was with this camera. I even got a short intro of what kind of shots it took, its called Hasselblad 500. Ohh fancy.
 The film is available locally with only 12 shots per film. He even took my picture during the session then reminded me that I was there for the session haha can't wait to see how that one comes out.


My brother is in Mt. Pulag right now. I have no idea what he's doing or if he's already making peace with Mother Nature. Back story: Nature loves my brother. He's had dengue coming home from Hawaii, stung by jelly fish in Hundred Islands, stung by a bee in Bohol, bitten by fish in El Nido. Hopefully he gets a hug from a bear this time.

Later Days.

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