Crafts for a cause, Artist Madhouse

Hope for the Holidays Bazaar at Cubao-X brought together a variety of sellers with unique offerings. One of these shops which caught my attention was Artist Madhouse, merchandisers of Kythe Foundation for the benefit of children with cancer.
The Artist Madhouse booth at the Hope for the Holidays Bazaar 

With just a small table to showcase what they're selling, they've got my undivided attention. Their fabric (unlined) journals are just perfect for doodling!

They also have D-I-Y dolls called "Washy doodle dolls" which you can color and dress up as you like it. Its original purpose is for art therapy for kids but I am sure any creative fellow would love to have a washy doodle doll set to call their own.

My personal favorite would be their watch cuffs.
See other designs of this in the 2013 Kythe Watch Cuff catalog

Artist Madhouse is a new craft business by Carol and Jem who have been volunteers for about 7 years at the Kythe Foundation. Get a first hand look at what they have to offer at the Valentine's Arts and Crafts Fair at the LRI Design Plaza this Feb 14-16, 2013.

It is simply wonderful how creativity can become a channel for profit and support for a good cause. Learn more about Kythe Foundation here to see how you can support the cause.

Map going to LRI Design Plaza

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Author’s Note: Hope for the Holiday’s bazaar was held on Dec 17, 2012 at Cubao Expo. Artist Madhouse continues to create wonderful crafts for the benefit of Kythe Foundation. 


Jem Benzon said...

Hi Marz!

I just accidentally saw your blog about our Cubao X Bazaar! Thank you so much for posting :D we Hope to see you again in the future events :D

God bless you,
Jem and Carol

Marz Ren said...

Hi Jem!

No big, your crafts are all blogworthy apart from serving a great cause. Looking forward to see you on your next bazaar :)

And congratulations on 500 likes on your facebook page. Great job!

More power to you, Girls!