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As mentioned in my previous post, me and Elora P. and had this resume writing date (of the sort). It was inspiring to talk to someone who is so excited to get an internship and it made me rethink of my dream job. Even if I am already employed I'd like to remind myself of what kind of work I want and love to do.

 So here is my answer to Arriane's blog challenge: "My Dream Job"

Initially, I would say that I like humoring people and I want do stand up comedy but there are three things I really love doing: directing, Layout design and traveling.

Stage directing is my first love, I've started doing it in high school and kept at it for as long as I had the support of my peers. The best memory of my directing is of my first college play, Rolando S. Tinio's May Katwiran ang Katwiran. I was practically living the dream to be given the opportunity to direct a play on an actual stage.

I have always loved the idea of being able to actualize a vision, more often it comes to me in the form of a script; I was even luckier that it was a piece written by a Filipino playwright. I was both scared and excited when I was given the responsibility. It being a dream made it easier for me to keep at it even if there were a lot of hurdles. I knew that much, which was why I mostly scared in the beginning. With that attitude I figured out that you don't have a reason to say "no" if you haven't done it before. Despite knowing all the downsides, giving up on "me" time and other luxuries to see a play come together didn't matter because I love what I was doing and learned so much from it.

For editorial layout design, at the moment I have one published work which came out as a newspaper advertorial. Most of the time my works are products of my volunteer work as graphic artist for individuals and organizations. This skill was something I thought I could invest in when I volunteered to be the layout artist for a mock magazine project for school. In the course of using this 'talent' (if I could call it that) I eventually took up the role of the college newspaper's layout artist and produced two issues (which is a rare feat for our humble publication).

Traveling is the source of my inspiration to work. I find it essential in both directing and doing design. I enjoy the thrill of discovering new cultures and keeping a journal of my travels. It doesn't matter if it is local or international travel. Anywhere, a change of scene from where I am now, will do. I'd like to think that is what I am doing when I surf the web, read books and watch plays. Great stuff, this traveling is!

I find myself driven when I work on a project that knows its purpose, especially if it is for a cause I believe in or lies in my interests. From experience,  I was one of the project coordinators for a student congress in 2010. It was about how local (Filipino) film can be used an educational tool. It was a mix of another two things I like: film and promoting local works (By now you figured, I like a lot of things). I had to study the topic that I personally suggested as I didn't know what I was getting myself into when I suggested the congress topic. Thankfully we pulled through and came up with an interesting outcome. The directing part of the seminar was just a plus but despite the sleepless nights fussing on preparations and which speakers to invite I felt like it was all worth it.

I don't see myself wasting my effort on projects I don't believe in or see myself doing. Sometimes I get this anxious feeling with projects I am not able to pursue and it disturbs me at night that I don't. That's my sign that its something I would want to work on because I know I can contribute something to make it better. This is my perspective which I don't limit to the things I love doing.

Work that makes me think, squeeze my creative juices and drive me to be resourceful makes me feel the happiest. I know that feeling because I've felt that drive before and I continue to look for it everyday. I may not yet be employed in my dream job yet but its only because I am trying to sort things out. I am still testing the corporate world if it can offer me that same heart swelling satisfaction I get from doing what I love.

I don't have a degree for doing what I love. I find ways to teach myself which is in itself an interesting way to make up for what I lack, even though wished that I had invested in a college course that allowed me to use my talents to get work.  By the time I am a little bit more able (financially) I'll be investing in supplementary courses that will help me improve my craft and possibly by then I can slowly ease into the shoes I've been searching to wear.

How about you, what is your dream job?

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Jonette said...

I think it's amazing that you directed a Rolando Tinio stage play. Kudos to you! He really is a master of the Filipino language, and the way he uses it in his plays is just amazing. That you directed such a piece is really saying something, so Bravo to you! :)

Marz Ren said...

Hi Jonette,

Thanks for dropping by :) I also think he's an amazing playwright. Lots of social relevance in that piece.