Give yourself some Sweet Ecstacy

Home to milk and cookies in Cubao-X is Sweet Ecstacy.

What better way to spend the first Friday of the year with milkshakes and cookies.
By the end of the night, there are two less strangers in my life. Many back stories have been told, epic handshakes, accompanied by these sweet concoctions.

Oreo milkshake

The Cervesa Negra milkshake was pretty interesting.
Yesterday's special cookies as baked by Kate: (you'll have to forgive my forgetfulness) Butterscotch and bacon cookies, Toblerone cookies, Reeses cookies, Maltesers cookies or something to that effect. We played "spin-a-plate-of-cookies" so I have no idea which is which.

Got milk?

Go for a glass of milk and cookies plus art at Sweet Ecstasy, Cubao-X

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