TVXQ Catch Me Special Edition Album Giveaway

TVXQ's Catch Me finally hits the shelves of AstroVision Trinoma yesterday. Premium freebies from Missha Philippines and Raffle prizes from Universal Philippines were given away apart from the album. Here is a sneak peek of TVXQ's Catch Me special edition version which is imported from Korea.

Tracklist for the Special Edition. CD+DVD
Disc. 1
1.Catch Me
2.인생은 빛났다 (Viva)
4.비누처럼 (Like A Soap)
5.I Don't Know (Korean Ver.)
6.꿈 (Dream)
7.How Are You
9.I Swear
11.Good Night 

Disc. 2
1.Catch Me (Music Video Original Ver.)
2.Catch Me (Music Video Dance Ver.)
3.TVXQ! Special Interview
4.Jacket Making Clip
5.Music Video Making Clip 
Each album comes with random photocards, this one came with a highly coveted Yunho card.

The album
 Inside jacket

A closer look at the 3D box cover design

I personally find the songs in this album enjoyable because of its musical variety. I thought Catch Me would be full of Skrillex sounding mixes which is evident in Catch Me (track 1) and Viva (track 2) but then again there are their songs which are just too catchy to stop listening to like How Are You? (track 7), Gorgeous (track 10), and Good Night (track 11) . There's an equal mix of ballad, pop, and electronic music (which I enjoyed most) hardly any filler songs which makes it worth getting all the more.

I think I just ran out of an appropriate adjective to describe how much I am enjoying this album. From the album itself to the packaging, which smaller than their Keep Your Head Down which is really big. This is a must have version if your are following their music.

The album goes nationwide by next week. Better get your copy soon because it is limited!

Tis the season of giving so I am giving away a copy of TVXQ Catch Me Special Edition album with posters and random photo cards (not in photo). What are you waiting for? Give it a go and this Special Edition album is all yours!

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Stephanie said...

wow, cool <3

Marz Ren said...

Hi Stephanie,
Do join my giveaway. It'll be ongoing until the end of January. Best of luck :)

Anonymous said...

Is this for worldwide? If this is for worldwide i'll be very glad cause i can join :)

Anonymous said...

wanna join >< but only 8 days more

Anonymous said...

wanna join >< but only 8 days more

Marz Ren said...

@Anonymous: Originally its for anyone with a Metro Manila address but I guess I can make an exception since the winner will be picked randomly :)