Equal parts of sadness & joy that is 2012

I have been contemplating on writing a 2012 year in review but it seems too cliche. It might be too much to scan all the best pages of my organizer (talaga madami?) so here is sneak peek of a few.

As I finished writing a year in review article for Cass PH I realized how much has been done this year. My 2012 went on extremes, ending multiple chapters and starting new ones.
The story behind this: Aug 2012 This was the afternoon I found out my dad was diagnosed with 3rd stage cancer. I just got back home from looking for a venue for a project I was volunteered to be a team leaders for. I didn't know how to react or who to talk to. I just had to swallow the news like a laid-off boss.

I am amazed by the things I've accomplished this year. Feats that I did not know I would be capable of doing. Meeting interesting people, making new friends and losing a few good people along the way.
Back Story: Sept 2012 I started to work late August for a magazine publication company. I got hired as a marketing assistant which compels me to study marketing. Its not exactly the job I've been preparing myself to take on but I am learning a lot now.

Chapters to end.
This year I finished my studies along with my second remission of Vasculitis. Totally PWND that one like a boss with a cane on graduation day. Sadly my Dad's chapter ended so soon. There is no nice way to put it into words but I am not leaving a bookmark there, bub! No one forgets that fast, unless one has Alzheimer's YIKES!
Back story: May 2012 I was getting frustrated looking for a job in May. Call it unemployment blues but it was a good time to catch up on watching good films. I watched Akira Kurosawa's Ran an adaptation of King Lear. I fell in love with his version and the story even more having watched Haring Lear (Nonon Padilla, 2012) twice earlier in the year.

So I asked myself if I would I look at 2012 as "the year of my lasts with dad". I was contemplating how I would write that on my 2012 review:
I have directed the last play my dad will ever watch.
I have had directed a play which my dad was able to watch.
Come to think of it he wasn't supposed to be there because of their trip to Cebu but they made it all the same. Thanks for the effort mum & dad

But seriously, total nega vibe right there so I have to cut the drama. With that, 2012 came to be a mix of equal parts of sadness and joy. I took the blows in the dark. End of story.
Back story: In May 2012 I've been trolling around like I just don't care. This was when I started living like a 19th century Russian noblewoman. "Reading books, riding trains and generally loafing about." I quote Linda C. on that.

2013 holds a lot of promises.
The year is what we make it. Although by default I chose to be a mess after my dad's passing. I don't really want to bring the pessimistic messy self that I've become into the new year. There is a lot of love to live by, mistakes to be made in order to learn (although I am avoiding the mistakes part ;] ), things to try, places to travel and a new start at the line to the sushi bar down the road.
Back Story: July 2012 I had to motivate myself that I would eventually have to fund my own trips abroad if I want to travel. I needed an extra push to land a job. 

The new year will not be determined by a horoscope, the media or even a diet plan. Its all going to boil down to how we will live our lives to feel alive. Since most of us survived the end of the world Mayan Calendar in 2012 I am sure we can take the blows of 2013 (but I pray it won't be too hard on us all).

Lets all continue to live beautifully in 2013. MAKE NOISE!

Paalam 2012

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