Marz Ren reporting from the little town of St. Mary's.

I'd like to believe I'm feeling a better than I did the week after Dad passed. To those who have been asking, I am doing ok now. The water works is really not my thing and I am doing my best to get my act together at work. I personally think that I've been full of "meeh" at work the past month and that alone is disservice for what I am being paid to do. I should be back on track by next week.

So here I am again at home at St. Mary's. The house feels different since Auntie O and Auntie D did a lot of home improvements. No complaints here. I can live rather comfortably without the termite-feasted cabinets that once used to be in the dining area.

Then Me and Greg went through Dad's old stuff

We found an old bus ticket, an old 20 peso bill, his high school honors, medals, cuffs and his uniform from his PC days. Just by looking at these stuff I remember Dad's stories the funny ones, unbelievable ones and those I have yet to hear and never really got around asking.

Its these little things that keeps the memory of his life alive. I don't really see the point in asking all the "what ifs" about Dad's life at this point in time. The folks who visited Dad in St. Mary's told me a lot of interesting stories about Dad. Like he was such a bully during his younger days; stories of never having a dull moment spent with him; and miracles I could not even imagine was possible because of him.

Truly there is life even after death, only the human state changes but life goes on. As it turns out Forrest Gump's saying that "life is a box of chocolates" is pretty true in Dad's case since he was cremated and placed in a square urn which pretty much looks like a chocolate box.

That's it. I am pretty much in the mood to do some late trick or treating. I shall start with Dad's chocolate box.

Later days.

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