Global Pinoy Bazaar: YUX

What's in the box?

Have you ever been advised to buy a nice gift box to make up for a gift thats value is less than its packaging? Well I do, all the time. JK. Just because it is the thought that counts. One concessionaire at the Global Pinoy Bazaar is all about boxes that matter. YUX short for Your Unik Xchange is a store that makes  unique hand-made creations, stickers and greeting boxes such as the one you see on top. That particular one is called an "exploding box" (although all of their boxes explodes once you take the lid off).

A travel greeting box ideal for folks going on a trip and a mother's day gift idea for those who really don't know what to put in a box.

If you're a fan of hand made products you're gonna love these personalized boxes. These are great for personalized greetings and is a far cry from the conventional pop-up cards we're all used to getting in the mail.

These greeting boxes take a while to finish as each and every one of these are hand-crafted upon being ordered.
You can go crazy over all the possibilities you can have your creative greeting boxes made for. Ask and they'll make it for you tailored to suit any occasion. You can request for them to insert frames for photos and message panels for your messages.

Apart from their handmade creations and being a Filipino brand I just love their attention to detail!

Here's an example of one of their wedding invitations. I betcha want one of those send via snail mail.

A box at hand sells for 500PHP a pop but lets not be too hasty to judge a box by it's price. It is after all hand made with a lot of effort put into its creation.

One of the company's co-owner Mar, shared with us that these are all hand-made and custom made to order. There's only three of them in the team who works on this craft making the labor and cost of production more costly (I like these entrepreneurs with very long titles owner/ marketing officer/ slave/ artist). So if you're planning to have your wedding or corporate event invitation made with a bang in a box do give them a heads up way way ahead of time.

Apart from their boxes, as mentioned the have stickers too and being a sucker for stickers. I give them a 4 out 5 in this department. I can't stick the witty stickers on my a black laptop but that does not mean I won't be using it soon enough.


Check out their other creations and products in their facebook page:

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