Please Spell check Rich Man, Poor Woman

I just started watching Rich Man, Poor Woman. Staring Oguri Shun and Ishihara Satomi. Aibu Saki co-stars in this series and looks far different from the last drama in which I saw her in (Absolute Boyfriend). She looks more mature and edgy on this series.
リッチマン、プアウーマン Rich Man, Poor Woman

Shun Oguri play a role of a young rich programmer much to the likes of Mark Zuckerberg. While Ishihara Satomi is an university student trying to make ends meet in the city by job hunting but rarely landing any firm offers. She is quite an inspiration for young job hunting folks.

Despite its sexist title and promising character description, I finally spotted its first production flaw. (Much like what we saw in My Girlfriend is a gumiho.)

The English used in Hyuga Toru's (Oguri Shun) presentation during the opening scene is pretty legit. Although I don't this will pass Microsoft's spell check.

Aibu Saki on the opening credits behind Ritch who is not an actual character in the story so far.

I must have missed the whole opening credits only to find this on the fifth episode.

But here's a fun fact: I found these pictures of Seungri (BIG BANG) with Shun Oguri.
Lol this boy!
This was taken from his diary updates on Big Bang Japan's mobile site. Huzzafanboy?

Watch Rich Man, Poor Woman with English subtitles on Dailymotion here

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