What you can do NOW

Wondering how you can help people affected by the flood without having to brave the floods yourself. Utilize your social media networks and available resources by spreading useful info.

Call on behalf of people and pets in need of rescue.

  • Give the complete address and contact number of the person in need of rescue if available.
  • If you know where the nearest evacuation centers are to the person(s) in need of rescue coordinate or find out for the rescue team you are asking help from.
  • File missing person reports HERE via #rescuePH
Stay alert
  • Keep your cellphones charged, batteries ready, evacuation and first aid kits ready
  • If you see electricity lines are dangling dangerously low call

I want to donate!
click the image to be taken directly to the online donation page
  • Prepare items for donations. Preferably ready to eat items bottled water. P.S. canned goods are only good if it comes with a can opener. Just saying.
  • Various restaurants, malls, schools are accepting donations in kind. You can find them easily on Facebook and twitter.

  • Extra load? 

Know someone who?

  • Has 4x4 vehicles, boats, access to helicopters? Direct them to Gawad Kalinga

Classes tomorrow?

  • If your city mayor suspends classes at all levels and your school has not yet announced suspension, use your free cuts. Your absence should not be taken against you.
  • Its your own / parents' / guardian's discretion if you can go to school.
  • Call your school early to find out. When you know if there are classes or not, spread the word.
  • Listen to the news for updates.

Online idiot who is being a douche?
  • Don't add insult to injury. Keep websites from slowing down by NOT commenting on flame wars. save it for debate class.
  • Leave them be, you are better off saving a life.

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