Gangnam Style the way you like it

YG artist PSY's Gangnam Style has virtually gained worldwide attention. Far more influential and sticky to the ears than Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe". It might as well be this generation's "Macarena".
PSY doing his horse gallop thang'

What is Gangnam Style?
Gangnam is one of the rich communities in Korea, like Hollywood rich (except richer) where everybody is expected to splurge.  Its part of Gangnam culture that consumerism keeps you on top of society and is a way of life. I am not saying everyone is but more often than not, living "Gangnam style" entails owning the latest and most expensive things money can buy just to give off an air of wealth. These folks dawn designer brands, hangout in expensive cafes, and if you're one half of the Krimmy Couple, attend the same school as Psy (true story).

Despite being a catchy dance song Gangnam Style's lyrics carry a rich subtext pertaining to Gangnam lifestyle and social status. In Psy's songs he presents himself as "a guy who can (afford to) drink coffee in one shot before it cools down" (How does one even?). The kind of guy whom you wouldn't date for good looks but because he is the Oppa (Older Brother) who is living a Gangnam lifestyle, which girls are supposed to dig.

Why the random explosion in the MV?
Because explosions are cool and they have the money to do it. Protagonist walking away + explosion = look cool. So if you are making a music video and livin' le Gangnam style, invest in an explosion. Ika-nga ng One Direction "If only you see what I can see, you'll understand why I want you so desparately"  sa contexto ng Gangnam style kinanta ni boylet sa kanyang perspective kung bakit siya ay kanaisnais at malakas ng dating, kaya buhat-bangko si tong si Kuya. Pero aminin, Robin Padilla lang na peg sa paglakad palayo sa pagsabog na parang wala lungs.
And there's PSY walking away from an explosion, like a boss

Imitation being the sincerest form of flattery brought about all these parodies and different versions. Psy must be as flat as a pancake by now. Check out these variations of Gangnam Style.

Eat Your Kmichi Style
Simon and Martina hosts of Eat Your Kimchi on Youtube did their review of Gangnam Style and included their own version called "Eat Your Kimchi Style". Their version has nothing to do with the original song, their lyrics are just so random.

Hongdae Style
Dubbed as the best parody version of Gangnam style is "Hongdae Style". I believe its only fair for them to share their piece of mind on style being one of the hippest districts in Seoul. Their version features a glimpse of the YG office. Who's style is it anyway?

Daegu Style 
Although not as popular as the Hongdae version, Daegu's got their version too.

Chicago Style
This one guy from Chicago can't keep his pants on and would like to show off his horse carriage. Yay or neigh?

KTown Style
I am getting a Dim Sum girl vibe from this version but the lyrics on this version talks about human superficiality.

Hyuna's Ddak nae Style 
In response to Psy's Gangnam Style is Hyuna's Daknae Style. The lyrics directly translate to "Oppa is my Style" giving a female perspective to Gangnam style. So will we ever see these two actually go out?

Nelly Furtado Style
Nelly Furtado performed an English version of Gangnam Style in her Concert in Manila. The lyrics are taken from the original English translation of the song.

Zuma Style
Zuma Dancers are moms. "Mothers Fighting" in the video caption translates to "mommy empowerment" and that they can still pawn kids with their dance skills.

Elmo Style
Kpop flashmobbers in Chicago gets Elmo to do a little bit of Gangnam Style.

Byuntae Style 
"Pervert style" By David So features cameos from Youtube stars Cathy Nguyen and Dumbfoundead to name a few.

need I say more?

Violin Version by Ahn Junsung

Plus a little something for the noonas who are Gangnam style too This is for you

Which Gangnam style suits your style?

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