Filipino Time

One of the things we Filipinos can't be proud of is "Filipino Time".

"Filipino Time" exists because of the lack of awareness of a standard time. We are practically law breakers for not being on time this being a republic act and all. Technically that makes it harder to become a saint even with a clear record for not "doing time" in jail your entire life. You could have been detained for multiple counts for breaking this law so often or so openly that your friends know better than to tell you to "take your time".

Manila City hall's clock tower, is the time on this side of the tower the same on all sides?

Clocks in public places are hard to find except in key areas like the Manila City hall for example. MRT stations used to have Timex clocks with PST but most of these if not all of those clocks are now covered with paper. It could be that they're subtly advocating Filipino Time or there's just no budget for batteries.

Filipino Time - (fili•pi•no-taym) Eng. 1.) N. the sense of time mediocre or laid back Filipinos practice; common among a clique of friends or barkada and hopefully not with their jobs.

Ex. Let's not wait for Didith she says she's 10 minutes away,  in Filipino Time she'll be over in an hour.

2.) Adj. add an hour or so to any time an appointment or meeting has been agreed upon. Not to be used in a corporate setting least you want to keep your job.

Didith: OMG is it 9:30pm already?
Fred: you're over acting its only 8:30 pm.
Didith: but it says 9:30 on your watch.
Fred: this is my anti-Filipino Time watch.

If you still don't get the concept of Filipino time why not invest on a clock that tells you the Filipino time without the trouble of setting your clocks an hour early or and hour later.

Dahil wala nang bibili ng alibi mo na "traffic po" bumili ka na ng Filipino Time clock at ilagay sa office lobby at nang di ka na malate sa pag-pasok sa opisina.

Take home a great conversation piece of novelty that only Filipinos can give you. Get your fully functioning Filipino Time wall clock online here. Like the concept? Do like their facebook page!

Here a more visually accurate version of the Filipino Time clock although I could be running hours late using that clock.

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