CassPH 10G underway

Cassiopeia PH's got something for Cassies coming this August 25 (Saturday).

The recent success of Cassiopeia Philippines' 9th Gathering held only February of this year has taken both fans and kpop enthusiasts alike to one sweet trip down memory lane in Kpop history. Early this month they begun dropping hints on their facebook fan page, a teaser video during the Pond's Face My Love event and Kfest making Cassies wonder what was coming their way. A 10th gathering was the last thing we were expecting and caught (if not only me) most Filipino TVXQ fans by surprise.
"Much like 7G: The Secret Code Screening which gave hundreds of Filipino Cassies a one-of-a-kind experience, 10G: "Back Two Basics" A Special Screening of Tohoshinki's 5th Live Tour: ~TONE~ promises the same feeling." - Cassph official website
A promise like that can really rake out a tear or two for an experience similar to their 7th Gathering in 2010 when almost every DB5K-shipping fan were at their tipping point. Just look at how far both the fans and the five boys in their respective careers have come. *Sheds a thoughtful tear* Yet now is no time to be crying if you still want to secure a seat for this event.  Apparently there are only 150 tickets  and I haven't got around buying mine yet (T_T).

The contest prizes are... How can I even... Can't they just put this all in a box and give it to me? (please?)

Either way they sure can have a brownie point for being back so soon. Just by the looks of their website is getting me all worked up on this sorcery. I am so going for the limited edition goods!
a red sea!
I am also looking forward to watching the concert with English subtitles. I highly doubt that the DVD has English subtitles. Man! I do not know how much more awesome sauce they can rub into this concert. BUT DUDE... FUNNY HONEY BUNNY. diesandgoestofangirlheaven

On a civic note they are still very much attuned to their advocacy. They are extending help to PAWS and GMA Kapuso Foundation by accepting donations. I better get started with packing stuff for the cats and dogs in Paws and see what else I give to the folks afflicted by the heavy downpour of that nameless moonsoon.

It never hurts to help while you're having fun.

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