Books good enough to eat

I was going through my humble library to pick up "Hale Hale Hoy" to spark some inspiration because it is Buwan ng Wika. Then I discovered something disturbing along its outer pages.
Worried, I flipped to its first page.
BAH HAMBUG! To my demise, I believe that this is a work of... termites. My house is treated for that but I guess we didn't bother with library cabinets.

Weird enough its neighbor which is a thicker book didn't share the same fate.

Seeking redress for the damage done by these pests, I wrote them a letter.

Dear Termites, 
  I believe in living in coexistence. You have your space and I have mine. I had no idea you are such literal creatures to think that my books good enough to eat, its quite flattering actually. But since that is the case you could have just stuck to the cook books, I wouldn't have mind at all. 
 I am sure you would feel just as bad if you find your wooden houses and reading material chewed up by a creature such as myself. SO WHY YOU TROLLING, mate? 

this is the response I got
Maybe it wasn't the termites?

Looks like I'll be Feng Shui-ing my books off the shelves for the mean time. Until then, score yourselves free tickets to the 33rd Manila International Book Fair on September 12-16 at the SMX Convention Center c/o Adarna House (publishers of "Hale Hale Hoy", the book I saved from the termite attack.) here. Alternatively you can get free tickets when you visit any Goodwill bookstore.

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