What I think I do

I just graduated from my weekly appointments for acupuncture. Doc says I am well in the pink of health but he's worried about my habit of sleeping late. Its been a bad habit of mine since I was in high school and have been trying to fix it since forever.

I am going to disclose to you our recent conversation no medical confidentiality has been broken in this fashion.
Doc: Have you been worried about anything lately? Stressed by anything? or do you have any recurring concern?
Me: ... getting employed.
Doc: *laughs* that's a problem most of my patients have. About getting the right job and getting stressed over their jobs. I tell them to slower their pace.
Me: that makes me I one of the number.
Doc: *sighs* thing is... you're too young and you look too young.
Me: that must mean I should wait for a year... YEY FREEDOM!
In the last job interview I had I got the same reaction "wow you're young". Now am I? The average age among the youngest of the young college graduates would be 10 years old (because they've got what it takes to be America's Next Top Rocket Scientist). It just so happens I graduated ten years older than them and still, I am too young

I do not know what to make of my doctor's wise advice. What worries me now is that I'll only be young once. In the prime of life when I'll have all the energy to do what I want to do. I don't want to waste it idling away. Until then I should remind myself and hopefully get rid of these anxieties.

"Patience, grasshopper"

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