Ready Player One?

Get your geek sauce ready, Ready Player One's second gate has been found!

Ready Player One Egg hunt in real life.

RPO's story begins with the death of a great game designer and the hunt begins with a video like this
 Just last month a game inspired by the book's plot was launched. Check out the rules here.
To get started you will need a copy of either of the first publication or the recently released paperback version of book to access the game. In it is a hidden link which will start you off on your quest.

screen shot of the game by Ryan Wilkinson taken from Ernie's blog.

The prize? Just a 1981 DeLorean which Ernest Cline owns himself. 101% AWESOME GEEK SAUCE!
Ernie with the prize
The story of Wade's (main protagonist of RPO) quest greatly reminds me of a Nintendo DS game "Retro Game Challenge" produced by XSEED Games. Don't worry I haven't spoiled half of the story's premise and frankly don't plan to.

Retro Game Challenge is a collection of fictional retro games which you have to complete in order to beat Demon Arino (he's the evil boss in game, hence the name). Which is just almost similar to the premise of OASIS which features practically everything awesome in the 80s. In essence its like a wikipedia of everything and anything that has been made in the 80s. Its console which is a Haptic1 rig, lets you experience everything as if you were really there.

Ready Player One is bringing us something that hasn't been done in a long time in terms of publicity for a book. Whether or not is a good thing, its all the same entertaining. Don't just stand there if you want the car, get the book.

1 Haptic - n. technology used for touch sensory gadgets similar to Samsung's Haptic cellphones.
Derived from Greek which means "I fasten onto, I touch"

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